Catracing has invested in a twin roller 168 state of the art dynomometer which is situated in a separate room within the workshop, we dyno, Karts, quads, race bikes, motocross bikes, mini moto's and scooters or any small two, three or four wheel machines.


Having your machine tested on a dyno can give surprising results, That 'seat-of-the-pants' feel for power is replaced with the latest computerised technology, showing you by means of a computerised graph which modifications are improvements and those that are not. The graph shows when the runs are most successful showing horsepower, revs & torque, and highlighting electrical, fuel, clutch slippage and drive problems by the means of power surges or dips shown on the graph and decisions can then be made on adjustments.


After being warmed up , the machines are run on the rolling road, until a maximum horsepower figure is shown, adjustments are carried out if required. Many customers bring a new engine to be run in on the dyno before use on the track or road.


Whether you require Full engine tuning and set up on the dyno, or just a few runs on the dyno give us a call and see when we can fit you in.

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